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Leadership & Team Development

We offer consulting and customized workshops to help you and your team improve communication, collaboration, innovation, and the ability to make and sustain positive change.

Personal Development

Our one-on-one coaching as well as group sessions are for individuals who want to learn a process that can increase awareness and improve personal and professional satisfaction—a process that helps us be the best we can be with others and inside our own minds. Online learning and classroom sessions are available.

Strategic Planning & Facilitation

We can help you organize and facilitate an entire strategic planning process—or we can lead a one-time meeting or brainstorming session. Whatever your facilitation needs, we can be your outside, objective partner in pulling the best ideas out of your team.

iiChange® Dialogue Process

  • Show mutual respect
  • Communicate authentically to create trust
  • Appreciate diverse perspectives with curiosity
  • Use creativity to integrate ideas
  • Be tenacious about transformation