We're Here to Help You

With decades of experience working in and consulting with corporations, nonprofits, schools, and spiritual organizations, we take a fresh approach to human and organizational development.

We operate from the belief that every client already has the ability to bring their best to the table every day. We're just here to help bring the best out. Because a one size fits all fits no one, we work closely with organizations and individuals to find the solutions that are most sustainable for them in the long term.

Leadership and Team Development

People and teams are multi-dimensional. We work with individuals and teams to assess their strengths and teach them skills to grow. Recognizing that people learn best when they are engaged, we work to make trainings interactive and fun for participants. We vary teaching methods throughout each session to connect with each learning style in the room. While we love working with clients directly, it is our eventual goal to teach ourselves out of a job. 

Our workshops include:

  • The Transformational Leadership Series

  • Creative Conflict

  • Personal and Interpersonal Awareness

  • Every Customer is a Gift

  • Custom Workshops

We offer the following team and individual assessments:

  • The Team Climate Inventory

  • The G-360

  • CSS

  • TRACOM Social Styles

  • Custom Interviews


We all need cheerleaders and accountability partners to reach our personal and professional goals. Innovative InterChange® is here to be both. Whether the goal is sticking to your strategic plan, reducing conflict in the workplace, or increasing productivity, Innovative InterChange® will help you navigate your way to success.

Dialogue Facilitation

Need an objective third party to run a meeting, discussion, or project? Innovative InterChange® has experienced facilitators that will keep ideas flowing and participants on task. As facilitators we work to model our values: respect, trust, curiosity, transformation and tenacity. We also keep things efficient. That's why one of our clients once told us, "You run a mean meeting."