When people communicate authentically -

listen without judgement-

 and build on each other's ideas-

good things happen.

Our approach is rooted in skills and tools founded in 50 years of organizational development and psychology research exemplifying Dr. Henry Nelson Wieman's philosophy of human growth.

The main idea is simple: People (and the organizations they work for) do their best when they recognize their inherent worth and act and communicate in ways that demonstrate mutual respect. This baseline of respect fosters an environment of effective communication, collaboration, productivity and innovation and allows employees and organizations to bring their best every day.

We recognize we are all human, however, and have habits and beliefs that can get in the way of mutual understanding, learning, creativity, and productivity. That is why we work with employees and business leaders over time to restructure habits and belief systems that obstruct them from being where they want to be. 

We believe every person and organization is different and tailor our services to meet your individual and organizational needs.

Our Values